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Bermuda Companies

Bermuda is a respected international finance centre recognised for its sophisticated financial, legal and professional services.

BVI Companies

Widely viewed as the world’s most popular offshore holding structure, the British Virgin Islands offers a number of unique benefits for companies.

BVI Funds

Hedge funds domiciled in the BVI make up approximately one quarter of all offshore hedge funds established worldwide.

BVI Private Trust Companies

A private trust company (PTC) is a popular alternative, especially among ultra-high-net-worth families, to appointing a third party trust corporation as trustee of family trusts, including VISTA trusts and purpose trusts.

BVI Trusts

BVI trusts are popular for a number of reasons including succession planning, asset protection and to hold shares in a family company.

Cayman Companies

Companies are free from all Cayman Islands income, capital gains, corporation and withholding taxes. Cayman is politically and economically stable and offers a quick incorporation process.

Cayman Funds

The Cayman Islands is the leading jurisdiction for offshore investment funds due to its flexible and effective regulation, readily available professional service provider expertise, a high reputation among investors and a tax neutral regime.

Cayman Trusts

As a well-respected and sophisticated jurisdiction, the Cayman Islands is ideal for the establishment of trusts.

Hong Kong Companies

Hong Kong is the economic and financial gateway to China. Over 1.2 million private limited companies have been registered with the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

New Zealand Trusts

Owing to its strong international reputation and economic stability, New Zealand is a highly favourable country to establish a business structure for international trading and asset protection. 

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