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Accounting Services

Our client accounting team ensures that your company’s financial affairs are managed smoothly and efficiently. We provide an extensive array of accounting and administrative services for a wide range of entities.

In our day to day operations we deal with the financial affairs of our clients, and in particular those we provide directorship services to. We act as in-house assurance to the director on all finance related issues and also provide support to the executive account holders on finance related issues.

Our accounting services include, but are not limited to:

  • maintaining client books and records;
  • executive account holder’s function;
  • producing quarterly / annual financial reports with supporting schedules and notes;
  • producing monthly management accounts with KPI’s;
  • providing timely and complete information to the Company’s lawyers, auditors, and agents as required ;
  • executive account holder’s function;
  • providing banking services such as operation of bank accounts and facilitate invoice payments;
  • providing support to external auditors;
  • analytical reviews and investors’ updates;
  • reviewing of financial statements and assessing compliance with accounting standards where directorship services are provided;
  • assisting with the management and directorship services for closed end funds.
We are a leader in our industry with a growing international footprint.
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