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Shelf Companies

Company Name Incorp. Date
GEAR ARDENT LIMITED 輪熱有限公司 29/05/2017 Enquire
QUAN BAO LIMITED全寶有限公司 25/04/2017 Enquire
SEED SUCCESS LIMITED 03/07/2017 Enquire

Harneys Fiduciary maintains a small stock of recently incorporated shelf companies for the convenience of its clients. Any one of these companies can be made available to existing clients for immediate use (subject only to a short compliance review to ensure our records are up to date).  New clients must provide us with information for compliance purposes but the company can still be under your control within a couple of days.  This process can save precious time when a new company is urgently required to participate in a transaction or for any other reason. 

The companies listed below are currently available. Please press "enquire" next to the name of your choice and we will reply to confirm availability and provide further information of the process.   Alternatively, if you are an existing client of Harneys, you can contact your normal contact at Harneys.  Please note the name of the company may be changed at the same time as or after acquisition for a small fee.

Harneys Fiduciary maintains a list of names which can be used for a new or an existing company.   There is a small fee for use of one of these names.  To view a list of our reserved company names, please click here.

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