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Harneys corporate governance team provides quality, skill, care and diligence for each of our fund clients.

We provide institutional quality directorship services for regulated investment funds domiciled in the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Our professional directors have significant experience covering accounting, auditing, fiduciary services, BVI and Cayman regulations and risk management.

We also offer board support services to alleviate the administrative burden from clients in addition to governance audit services for hedge funds, institutional investors and allocators all over the world. Our team of experts ensures the effectiveness of the fund’s corporate governance framework and assists the investment manager to implement a transparent management approach in order to help retain and enhance credibility with investors, marketers, regulators and the media.

Regardless of your company’s size, we provide an array of services as needed. Our directors services include:

  • resolving conflicts of interest;
  • reviewing financials and performance;
  • providing suitable oversight of the operational and financial risk management;
  • liaising with regulators in the BVI or Cayman.


Clients needing board support services use our team for the following:

  • organising and coordinating board meetings;
  • serving as liaison with fund administrator, auditor and investment manager to prepare board reports;
  • providing board packs, boardrooms in BVI and Cayman and teleconference facilities;
  • drafting, circulating, amend and filing board meeting minutes.


We provide governance audit services such as:

  • ensuring directors’ independence, capacity, knowledge and experience;
  • reviewing regulatory and legal status of the fund;
  • determining suitability and competence of service providers, including the fund administrator, auditor, investment manager and broker;
  • checking to ensure that investment activities are in compliance with the offering memorandum’s investment parameters and applicable laws and regulations;
  • providing high level review of the audited financial statements.
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Lynn Hurlston


Lynn Hurlston is the Manager, Corporate Governance Services in the Compliance Outsourcing Services team and is based in the Cayman Islands.  

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