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Harneys Fiduciary is able to ensure that wealthy individuals and their families establish the most appropriate structure to achieve their philanthropic objectives.  

We understand that wealthy entrepreneurs often wish to have a hands on approach when establishing a structure. Harneys' private wealth team is able to create the most appropriate platform for charitable or philanthropic donations. Careful structuring can ensure that the family vision is upheld with future generations remaining engaged in the philanthropic process.

Important questions include:

  • What is the time frame for implementation?
  • How does the client envisage their assets being distributed?
  • What is the time horizon for the structure?
  • Will future generations be actively involved after the founder’s death?


Providing for a families charitable legacy is often carried out in tandem with private succession planning. Harneys private wealth team can offer holistic solutions and ensure that a structure be established which satisfies the aims and values of the family.

We recognise and embrace the need to work with other professional advisers.
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