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Harneys  offers a broad range of trust services ranging from trust formation and administration to trustee and family office services in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus and New Zealand.

Our team currently provides administration services for over 300 Private Trust Companies and asset protection structures, for clients ranging from high net worth individuals, and multinational corporations to major financial institutions.

Our private trust team has played a leading role in the development of private trust company laws and regulations in the BVI and we have in-depth experience of the establishment and operation of private trust companies, often in the context of highly complex overall structures.

Harneys is well-versed in the establishment and administration of all types of British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and Cayman trusts, including trusts within the specific regimes in these jurisdictions such as VISTA Trusts, STAR Trusts and Cyprus International Trusts (CITs), and ranging from simple one generation succession planning trusts, such as our uniquely created British Virgin Islands Share Trust (a simple form of VISTA trust) to more complex dynasty trusts designed to hold a family’s wealth over many generations. Our experience covers private client trusts as well as trusts used in corporate contexts, such as unit trusts, pension trusts or bespoke purpose trusts.

Cayman, Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands are leading jurisdictions for trust and company business. Trusts are established for a variety of reasons. A trust is a useful structure to preserve, protect and accumulate wealth. The terms of the trust can remain confidential as there are no registration requirements. Trusts may provide protection against overseas expropriation of assets, high taxation and forced heirship. We offer besepoke service and offer practical solutions with a quick turnaround even in complex situations.

Our primary private client and trust services include:

  • establishing all forms of trusts and offshore companies including private trust companies;
  • providing family office service;
  • advising on estate planning and investment structures;
  • acting as trustee, executor, trust administrator, protector, enforcer, nominee or escrow agent;
  • incorporating offshore companies;
  • administering trusts and companies;
  • maintaining trustee statutory records;
  • assisting with asset protection, tax/ financial planning and succession planning;
  • administration of fully licensed and private trust companies;
  •  nominee shareholder services.
We have over 40 years' experience providing tailored solutions to international business and financial institutions, funds, HNW individuals and intermediaries.
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